ANAMS Reaches Out to Future Physicians

A room with cold pigs feet strewn about, stainless steel suturing supplies, and ropes with odd-looking knots tied to chairs is not typically what most people would describe as "fun." But at the Annual AAIP Meeting held this past August in Anchorage, Alaska, this is exactly how the ANAMS sponsored Suturing Workshop was described. Participants ranged from matriculating medical students, undergraduate participants, all the way to an elementary school student! They were taught future OR skills by seasoned AAIP surgeons and senior ANAMS medical students. The purpose of the workshop was to introduce pre-medical school students to a "taste" of the hands-on aspect of medical school, as well as providing in-person mentorship. In addition to suturing pigs feet, students learned how to tie various surgical knots--not as easy it looks! It is our hope that this will be the first of a series of hands-on workshops for future ANAMS members in the years to come. Will the next Annual Meeting in Santa Clara, California hold workshops on starting intravenous lines, intubations, or ultrasounds? There's only one way to find out! If you are interested in instructing a workshop or donating supplies, please contact Andrea Garcia (

First Annual AAIP-ANAMS Mentorship Mixer a Success

Dozens of physicians and medical students from across the country spent time visiting amidst a beautiful view of the surrounding mountains and water in Anchorage, Alaska during the the Mentoring Mixer held at the 2012 AAIP Annual Conference. The mixer was held as a way for participants of the new ANAMS-AAIP Mentoring Program to have a special time during the conference to spend meeting each other and networking.  Thanks to the generosity of the American Academy of Family Physicians, many physician mentors met their mentee for the first time, others greeted each other once again. During the event, 7 additional physicians signed up to be new mentors, creating a list of 44 potential mentors of various specialties. Students reported what a wonderful time they had, some mentioning how this mixer helped form connections with doctors that they were seeking. At the end of the special evening, everyone gathered on the deck for a group photo, with the beautiful Alaska Range and Cook Inlet in the background. The ANAMS-AAIP Mentoring Program is one designed to allow one-on-one relationships between medical and dental students to physicians in their desired field of interest. The program works by allowing students to view the available list of physicians and dentists and assigning themselves to that person based on specialty, tribal affiliation, school or residency attended, or current location. We hope that this program allows students to get advice and guidance from fellow Native American professionals who have journeyed this path ahead of them. We encourage all interested ANAMS members to sign-up for a mentor today! We have many eager mentors who would love to join you on your own unique path! See below for instructions on how to sign-up. Also, *SAVE THE DATE* for the next ANAMS-AAIP Mentoring Program mixer to take place at the Annual Meeting in Santa Clara, CA on August 2nd, 2013. For any questions on the program contact Socia Love Thurman at

ANAMS and AAIP Kick Off Formal Mentorship Program

We are pleased to announce the kick off of a formal mentorship program between ANAMS and AAIP. There has been a tremendous response from Physicians and Dentists who would love to advise students one-on-one. Whether you are new to medical/dentistry school or are rounding the final stretch, the opportunity to network with Native Health Professionals is invaluable.

How to participate in the Mentoring Program:

1. Go to the Google documents website and browse available Physicians. A color-coded legend is provided to identify certain Specialists. 

2. Directly assign yourself to the mentor of your choice on the far right-hand column. This will be on a first-come, first-serve basis! The document automatically saves your information. If you'd like a mentor who is already chosen, email Socia Love and she can ask the mentor if he/she would be willing to have more than one student. 

3. An introductory email will then be sent to you and the Mentor and with contact information and terms of the mentorship program. **Minimal requirements for mentoring consist of quarterly contact either by email, phone, or in person. Mentoring matches will be updated annually.

Past Speakers

Dr. Donald Warne (Februrary 2012)

Dr. Erik Brodt (January 2012)

Dr. Yvette Roubideaux (June 2011)

Dr. Lori Arviso Alvord (March 2011)

Dr. Kathleen Annette (February 2011)

Conferences and Opportunities

The Four Directions Summer Research Program (FDSRP) is an exciting summer research opportunity at Harvard Medical School and Brigham and Women’s Hospital (BWH) for undergraduate students with a commitment to the health of Native American communities. To learn more---CLICK HERE!

The 2016 Cross Cultural Medicine Workshop, being held April 28th-May 1st in Sante Fe, NM. Further information is posted here. Each year, the cross cultural medicine workshop helps to bridge the gap amongst cultures and the practice of medicine.

The 2016 AAIP Annual Meeting will be held August 11th-14th in Oakland, CA.  Click here for more information! If you are an undergraduate, register for the Pre-Admission Workshop being held August 8th-11th.


Watch for the opening to apply 2016 Summer Research Training Institute for American Indian and Alaska Native Health Professionals. To learn more please click here!


Speaker Series

If you have suggestions for speakers or topics, email us at