The Kelsie Gleason Creative Passion Memorial Scholarship

Kelsie Gleason, a Choctaw medical student at the Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth, was known not only for her dedication to medicine and health care, but for many other passions. Kelsie spent much of her spare time working with horses and volunteered at a local therapeutic horse riding center. She majored in Hispanic Studies and used her language proficiency to help other medical students learn medical Spanish. In addition to being a dedicated member of the US Air Force reserves, Kelsie was also an enthusiastic athlete who participated in many obstacle courses and marathons during running season and avidly enjoyed skiing in the winter months. Although Kelsie is no longer with us, ANAMS is proud to honor her creative passion in life by awarding this scholarship in her name.

The purpose of this scholarship is to recognize the creative passions that ANAMS members pursue outside of medicine. Artwork, photography, writing, running, climbing, etc.- anything that you are passionate about!

Members are asked to submit an example of the activity they participate via media of their choice. We prefer that physical objects be photographed and sent via email.

All applicants are asked to write an essay no longer than 1 page addressing the following:

  • What impact does this activity have on your life? 

  • Any other information you feel is needed. 

Application due August 31st, 2020. Please send your one page essay to

Scholarship committee will use a 10-point scoring system based on:

  1. Subjective Assessment (0-7 points)

  2. Strength of submitted written reflection (0-3 points). 

By Submitting you give ANAMS permission to share your work and acknowledge your award with ANAMS and AAIP via our website and electronic communications. ANAMS Executive Board members are not eligible for this scholarship.