The Linda Don Community Outreach Scholarship

The purpose of the Linda Don Community Outreach Scholarship is to recognize the effort and impact of Native American community outreach programs that ANAMS members have participated in throughout the year. 

All applicants are asked to write an essay no longer than 1 page addressing the following:

  1. An explanation of the project you participated in. 
  2. The impact of project on the community.
  3. What could similar projects in the future do to ensure effective impact and sustainability? 
  4. 1 reference we can contact to verify participation if needed.
  5. Any other information you feel is needed. 

Applications are due by August 31, 2020. The winner will be formally announced before the end of the fall semester. The scholarship committee will use a 10-point scoring system based on:

  1. Subjective strength/impact of project.
  2. Strength of submitted written reflection.

Your project will be presented publicly via electronic newsletter, ANAMS website, and at the annual AAIP conference. You must be a registered ANAMS member and have paid your dues to be eligible to apply. 

Please send your one page essay to